Sunday, 23 June 2013

The boy called Will

There once was a boy called Will,
Who didn’t like that fish were killed.
Seeing ice-trays of seafood,
He thought rather crude,
And, though he liked fishing,
He spent his whole life wishing,
The world was a little less cruel.

So one day he moved to the ocean shores,
To learn first-hand about fishing folklore.
He soon realised that fish stocks were dwindling,
With no hope of numbers re-kindling
And that overfishing shoudn’t be ignored.

He voyaged the seas far and wide,
Enduring tempestuous seas and dangerous tides,
Studied the distribution of cod
And the number of dolphin pods.
Discovering everything from giant squid,
To enormous aquatic pigs.

He became a legendary sailor,
Admired by even Japanese whalers.
So with intelligence and tact,
He laid out the facts,
Convincing them all,
That over-fishing
 Just isn’t cool.

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